Workshop Registration
and Payment Information


Tuition Fee:  $715.00 (includes three breakfasts, three lunches, three morning, and three afternoon breaks)
In accordance with policy and guidance issued by the DoD's General Counsel, tuition fees authorized in travel orders or approved on a travel claim voucher are reimbursable.

Registration Information

To start the registration process, read the detailed registration&payment instructions.  Then, go to

In order to register through Eventbrite, you are required to “purchase a ticket”.  You have two registration/ticket options:


  • The RSVP ticket, which is a free preliminary registration ticket that allows you to pay later.
  • The Register and Pay ticket, which is a formal registration ticket that allows you to pay the tuition fee online via a credit card.

Payment Information

  • Credit Card Payment: Use the RSVP ticket to pre-register and when ready to pay, select the Register and Pay ticket for online credit card payments.
  • SF Form 182 (Request, Authorization, Agreement and Certification for Training Form) Payment: Use the RSVP ticket to pre-register, then send a copy of the SF Form 182 to Regina Coeby (  Regina can provide an invoice if required by your command, but it is up to the person responsible for making the payment to do so directly by following the detailed registration&payment instructions.
  • Check Payment: Use the RSVP ticket to pre-register, then send the tuition fee check to the Vendor Information address listed below.
  • Payment by Any Other Method: Contact Regina Coeby for help on how to pay the tuition fee by any other method not listed above (e.g., EFT (electronic funds transfer)).

Vendor Information

ATSI Corporation
49 Bethany Way
Fredericksburg, VA  22406
Web Site:
CAGE Code:  68PP0
POC:  Regina Coeby, 856-372-2310;
Fax Number:  856-793-7147


Guest Attendance/Registration

Guests of attendees have the option of joining us for breakfast and/or lunch each day. Pricing per guest is as follows:

Attendance at all three breakfasts:  $60.00
Attendance at all three luncheons:  $75.00

To arrange registration for your guest, contact Regina Coeby via e-mail at  NOTE:  Guest payments can ONLY be made by check (no credit cards).  Mail your guest check payment to the ATSI Corporation address listed under Vendor Information above.